Impact of The Springlands Retirement Village on Council owned trees

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From: Tony Hay

Dear Marlborough District Council,

The Springlands Retirement Village (SRV) currently own 44 and 46 Lakings Road Springlands Blenheim as well as the back section behind both properties. They recently also acquired 9 Nicoll Street.

I believe the SRV are keen to acquire my property at 42 Lakings Road as well as 5, 7, and 7A Nicoll Street. They have also shown an interest in purchasing 40 Lakings Road with the recent death of Ms Elizabeth Laking.

This will then enable them to develop these accumulated properties further expanding the area covered by the SRV.

The SRV may then want to remove the 3 trees on the Bern on the southern side of 42 Lakings Road. I requested that the Marlborough District Council (MDC) in March 2019 remove these trees and gave them overwhelming reasons for their removal. To date the trees have not been removed.

My questions are:
1. If the SRV having gained ownership of the properties mentioned above, makes a request to the MDC for the removal of the 3 trees on the Bern on the southern side of 42 Lakings Road along with their resource consent application for approval to build a number of retirement units, are they more likely to receive preferential treatment than a normal rate payer ?
2. Assuming the SRV do receive permission to either get the MDC or themselves to remove the 3 trees then on what grounds do the MDC grant permission ?

Yours faithfully,

Tony Hay

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From: MDC
Marlborough District Council

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Your message will be processed and forwarded to the appropriate staff
member or department for action.


This email address is monitored between 8.00am and 5.00pm, Monday to
Friday (excluding public holidays). If this enquiry is urgent, please call
our customer service line on 03 520 7400 which is answered 24 hours a day,
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From: Tony Quirk-8077
Marlborough District Council

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Mr Hay


I refer to your email of 31 July and indicate that it is not really a
request for information but rather a request for information on a
hypothetical situation.


The only comment that can be made is that Council will deal with the issue
if and when it arises.  It will deal with any application on its merit.


It is not Council’s policy to offer preferential treatment to any specific


Comment on question 2 is that it is making an assumption that has no



Tony Quirk

District Secretary




Phone:   03 520 7400


15 Seymour Street, PO Box 443

Blenheim 7240, New Zealand

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