Why have you not kept your promises to end the confiscation of overseas bought govt pensions?

Robert Newcombe made this Official Information request to Winston Peters

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From: Robert Newcombe

Dear Winston Peters,

I am one of 100,000 elderly who lose any overseas social insurance govt pension paid for out of earnings because of the old Section 70 now the new Section 187-191 a subject both you and the Prime Minister know very well and have done so for years without really ever pursuing it.

After many complaints to the Human Rights Commission over the loss of these overseas earnings, the MSD/Treasury reviewed the legislation Section 70, Social Security Act that means tests these incomes against our entirely different entitlement, NZ Superannuation.
For the benefit of our readers here is the link:
The conclusions unfair and discriminatory and all recommendations were ignored, after all Parlament is supreme over the Bill of Rights.

In 2005 whilst you were in coalition with Helen Clark's Labour, NZ1st forced another review via the MSD of Section 70:
This review, same conclusions as the one previous but added "inequitable, outdated and out of step with other country's social security systems and again all conclusions and recommendations ignored.

The repeal of Section 70 was in the NZ1st manifesto 2014 as it was in Labour's and you have constantly courted the votes of the elderly especially we Section 70 victims yet in the coalition agreement you sent in a letter out to us victims via www.nzpensionprotest.com claiming that in the negotiations you could not get the subject "over the line".
Well despite your unwillingness to raise the subject in Parliament, 2 out of the three injustices of Section 70 will end in July.

The Spousal agreement, where if a spouse has an overseas contributory govt pension greater than their Super, the MSD not only denies all their Super but reduces the excess off the partner's Super, even by Section 70's normal insanity it was cruel, but thankfully that comes to an end in July.

The second relief, we hope, in July, is for those of us who have voluntary overseas govt pensions, social insurance contributory based into a govt scheme because the contributions could be opted out into the employer's scheme.
The nonsense of this is that my UK voluntary 2nd level social insurance pension will be allowed to be kept, hopefully, but the problem is the UK 2nd level pension scheme after mine is compulsary so that means out of the 63,000 UK State pensioners impoverished by Section 70, the nonsensical rule of allowing voluntary but not compulsary pensions of the same nature shows that who ever thought up this up has not to really thought it through, but probably in reality the loss of this easy cash took precedence.

Still 2 out of 3 has to be congratulated but the 3rd part, the one just mentioned affecting over 100,000 elderly and that denies us the right to keep compulsary social insurance govt pensions are now covered by Objective 22 of the UN Global Compact for Migrants and which New Zealand signed up to in December 2018.

OBJECTIVE 22 states:
"Establish mechanisms for the portability of social security entitlements and earned benefits 38. We commit to assist migrant workers at all skills levels to have access to social protection in countries of destination and profit from the portability of applicable social security entitlements and earned benefits in their countries of origin or when they decide to take up work in another country".
Notice the We commit, NZ signed up to this and is included in We.

Whilst I read you are not a fan of this Compact which I can understand for other reasons, you as a Foreign Secretary dealing with other countries via agreements must surely recognise that although the GCM is not legally binding it is morally binding and in 2022 NZ will be reviewed, read judged on their implementation of the 23 objectives and if 22 has been ignored it will no doubt be unacceptable.

And all the time Chinese immigrants arriving here aged 55 need never work, could be on a benefit and at age 65 receive NZ Super at the same rate as NZ born AND get to keep their Chinese State pensions, social insurance based like 63,000 UK state pensions and another 36,000 pensions from around the world PLUS they get contributions from the state which was the original intention of Section 70 and has always been ignored in their favour.

This positive discrimination in favour of Chinese pensioners is a shocking indictment on the New Zealand govt of its discriminatory treatment of us New Zealand citizens.
So I ask you as Deputy PM and leader of NZ1st, of which I am a member and on behalf of all elderly affected to get this last bit "over the line".

For those readers who are affected, you can add a comment below called an annotation to make your feelings known about NZ's shameful treatment of us elderly.

Here's Grant Robertson, http://www.migrants-to-nz-beware.info/Au...
He goes first talking about this unfairness at a Labour leadership contest in Nelson 2014, then David Cunnlife and Shane Jones last.
Not one of them has ever shown any willingness to tackle this ill treatment of so many elderly.


Here's Jacinda Ardern in 2015 speaking at the rewrite of the Social Security Act and demonstrably shows her feelings about Section 70 and after all her promises to end the injustice, carried on the age old tradition of impoverishing the weakest Ssection of society in the rewrite of the Act.

How it works, the NZ pension RIP off: https://youtu.be/zo9YjX4KR1c

Jan in her 70s still having to work: https://youtu.be/ndfaz8KC7_w

Or how about Siegfied: https://youtu.be/Ml8JZ0NqVbk

Bob's not too happy either: https://youtu.be/P7BhtTW_aZk

Peter gets his feelings known: https://youtu.be/ff7fI9huI6o

And finally Chris, https://youtu.be/HpvhsFUJCM4
Just one of the 15 of us who took the National govt to the UN Human Rights Council in 2014 where Crown Law's lie about the govt's own reviews and evidence being described as "unsupporting information" signed off by Anne Tolley, defeated us.

In anticipation of a full explanation as to whether you still believe in reform and if so why has nothing been done?

Yours faithfully

Robert Newcombe.

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From: W Peters (MIN)
Winston Peters

Dear correspondent

On behalf of Rt Hon Winston Peters, thank you for your email.

While the Deputy Prime Minister considers all correspondence to be
important and all messages are carefully read and considered, it is not
possible to provide a personal response to every email which is received.

Where the Deputy Prime Minister has portfolio responsibility for the
issues that you have raised, your correspondence will be considered and
responded to where appropriate.

Thank you for taking the time to write.

(Please note that this acknowledgement is an automatically generated

Office of Rt Hon Winston Peters


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Erich Widmer left an annotation ()

Yes Mr Peters
you lied to us Pensioners to get to the votes and then you dropped us with sheer ignorance by pulling the motion out of the ballotbox again. I say Grave error ! Believe me that I personally already have made an effort in publishing this systematic theft by the government by means of international interviews between me and various governmental departments in switzerland and most of europe to actually correct their view toward New Zealands Pension policy and its pension theft. I now promise to you to push a very large number of possible voters clear of NewZealand First as well as the Labour Party.
how can you carry such a disgracefull selfish attitude
Erich Widmer

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Colin Tan left an annotation ()

Here is another video of the theft of CPF Savings started by the National government under John Key and the deposed ex-WINZ Brendan Boyle - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JzKmweCz...
The CPF began in 1955 and under previous CEOs, the savings were not ruled as "can be seen like a pension" - only after John Key collected his tax-free CPF from the Singapore government were the CPF savings of Singaporeans in NZ stolen under the watch of Brendan and National.
Jacinda's video when she was in opposition has revealed her hypocrisy as she is in power now and has done nothing to correct this theft of private savings contributed only by employer and employee, no government funding at all. The Kiwisaver is a mirror of the Singapore CPF Savings scheme and Kiwisaver savings are not deducted by MSD.
Jacinda's hope of getting her next job in the UN like her mentor Helen Clark is zero as this case is going up to the United Nations Human Rights Commission in New York. The NZ Human Rights Review Tribunal has just struck out the complaint of Discrimination by Nationality after six years revealing their quest for funds from the government and therefore beholden and backing this theft of private savings that "can be seen as a pension". Thousands of Kiwis work in Singapore and collect their CPF savings Tax-free, like John Key - but only Singaporeans living in New Zealand are "taxed" 100% by MSD. Is this not DISCRIMINATION by Nationality, unlawful under the NZ Human Rights Act?

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Rosanna Leman left an annotation ()

The worst part of this theft is the stress it creates on a pensioner.
The inaction by all once in government makes one feel helpless and ignored and puts a huge strain on ones life, dumps you into poverty by the very government who adopts a policy of welcoming all and sundry and pays for it by robbing Nz pensioners .

The system promotes racism because it allows one race of migrants to keep their state pensions but disallows anyone else. It fosters huge resentment and it doesn't take long for that to to boil over .
The morons that govern all need to be voted out period .

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Cinnamon T left an annotation ()

By the time I am eligible for NZ Super in 3 years I will be entitled to zero or a few dollars each fortnight after direct deductions. That is after working and paying taxes here for 33 years. How is that fair?
But then politicians have ignored what is fair despite repeated reviews as Robert has mentioned.
I have SIngaporean friends now in their 50s who are showing increasing concern about this direct deduction. So to include this cohort of would be superannuitants from overseas, the number of election votes is higher than the current number receiving superannuation.
Like Robert I have also voted Labour and NZ First in the last election on your promises and I am extremely disillusioned by the lack of progress on this direct deduction policy.
Please do what is right and keep your promises.

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