Thyroid guidelines/policies, citation lists & monitoring (Capital & Coast DHB)

Belinda Hodson made this Official Information request to Capital and Coast District Health Board

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From: Belinda Hodson

Dear Capital and Coast District Health Board,

As at 31st March 2019, please provide:

1. Guidelines and/or policy on thyroid diagnosis, testing and treatment issued/used/supported by the District health Board; plus

a) The citation list (NZ and international clinical research studies, other clinical papers and publications including randomised control trials and guidelines) that support these guidelines/policy. Citations are to include those on safety, benefits, efficacy, risk, and risk management;


b). The citation list of all patient survey data that supports these guidelines/policy.

2. From the period 1 January 1990 through to 31 March 2019, all studies carried out by the District Health Board (DHB), referred to or sourced by the DHB (NZ or international studies) that:

a) Monitor the impact of guidelines/policies on thyroid diagnosis, testing and treatment on the health and wellbeing of NZ thyroid patients; and

b) All studies examining thyroid patients' experience of diagnosis and treatment.

Yours faithfully,

Belinda Hodson

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From: Robyn Fitzgerald [CCDHB]
Capital and Coast District Health Board

Dear Belinda

Thank you for your request for official information, received by Capital & Coast District Health Board on 9 September 2019.

Your request has been received and logged. As required under the Official Information Act 1982, we will respond to your request within 20 working days. You should receive a response on or before 7 October 2019.

If a large amount of information has been requested or if the district health board needs to consult in order to make a decision, we may need to extend this date (this is provided for in section 15A of the Act). We will advise you if such an extension is necessary.

Capital & Coast District Health Board provides the first five hours of staff time to prepare a response free-of-charge. If your OIA is expected to take longer, we will inform you of the charges, and give you the opportunity to change or refine the request to reduce or remove the need to charge.

Our reference number for your request is: OIA 2019-176.

Kind regards

Robyn Fitzgerald

Robyn Fitzgerald | Board Administrator | Capital and Coast District Health Board |  Private Bag 7902 |  Wellington South    
DDI: 04 806 2274  |   [email address]

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