OIA Request - Information surrounding the Cryptographic Refresh Project

Alex Hill made this Official Information request to New Zealand Defence Force

Currently waiting for a response from New Zealand Defence Force, they must respond promptly and normally no later than (details and exceptions).

From: Alex Hill

Dear New Zealand Defence Force,

As I understand it, the NZDF is currently undergoing a Cryptographic Refresh Project to replace the current suite of fill devices.

Under the Official Information Act, I request the following -

1. a. How many AN/CYZ-10 units (commonly referred to as the Crazy-10) does the NZDF currently have in stock;
b. When do the current AN/CYZ-10 units pass their Life Expiration date;
2. a. How many AN/PYQ-10 (SKL) units are being procured, and what is the price per unit
b. How many KYK-30 (RASKL) units are being procured, and what is the price per unit
3. How many specific instances in the past 5 years have cryptographic fill codes been issued to an aircraft
NB: Instances include each individual sign-out of a cryptographic unit, and is limited to red, black and HF fill.
4. When is the planned replacement date for the KY-100 units found on RNZAF aircraft?

I can confirm that I am a New Zealand citizen currently residing in New Zealand.

Yours faithfully,

Alex Hill

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