Life Sentenced Inmates

C Lane made this Official Information request to New Zealand Parole Board

The request was successful.

From: C Lane

Dear New Zealand Parole Board,

In regards to inmates that have been sentenced to a life sentence with a non parole period, under what grounds can that inmate apply for an early parole application/board etc? Or early release?

Are there any special grounds under good behaviour conditions that inmates can apply for early parole application etc?

Yours faithfully,

Moka Harris

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From: SPIERLING, Alistair (WELLHO)

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Dear Moka Harris


Please find attached the Board’s response to your OIA request.


Yours faithfully



Alistair Spierling
Manager New Zealand Parole Board
Phone (04) 4958421 (62121) ([mobile number])
E mail: [1][email address]


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From: C Lane

Dear SPIERLING, Alistair (WELLHO),

Just to clarify, if a prisoner serving a non parole period life sentence, is to complete all relevant programs thought out his/her sentence, which then are completed say five years before due for first parole, he/she is then able to request early parole?

If correct is this the only grounds (beside ill health) that the Parole Board will consider a life sentenced inmate for parole before his/her due date?

Yours sincerely,

Moka Harris

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