Life Sentenced Parole Conditions

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From: C Lane

Dear New Zealand Parole Board,

Please provide a list of parole conditions for life sentenced inmates upon releasing on parole.

Are there one set of parole conditions for all life sentenced? If case by case please give an example for a violent change, causing death by fire arm. (Not related to any type of sexually related charge)?

Also is Wikipedia’s information correct stating all life sentence inmates are to be electronically monitored on parole for the rest of their lives, or at all?

Yours Faithfully
Caleb Lane

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From: SPIERLING, Alistair (WELLHO)

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Dear Caleb Lane

Please see attached response.


Alistair Spierling
Manager New Zealand Parole Board
Phone (04) 4958421 (62121) ([mobile number])
E mail: [email address]

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