RRAS Scheme - Admission into the MBChB programme

Samantha made this Official Information request to University of Auckland

The request was refused by University of Auckland.

From: Samantha

Dear University of Auckland,

Please provide the following information for RRAS First Year applicants to the Medical (MBChB) program at UoA for 2018-2019 entry:

(1) Non-core + core GPA interview cut-off for FY RRAS applicants
(2) Lowest CORE GPA for successful First Year RRAS applicants
(3) Highest CORE GPA for unsuccessful graduate RRAS applicants
(4) Please confirm whether or not the core GPA is derived from performances in the BIOSCI107, CHEM110, POPLHLTH111 and MEDSCI142 papers.

Yours faithfully,

I certify that I am a New Zealand Citizen and have not been directed by anybody but myself to request this information

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From: Rebecca Ewert
University of Auckland

Dear Samantha
I refer to your request of 4 June 2019. To enable the University to proceed with your request, please provide your full legal name and sufficient evidence to support your claim to be a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident, a person in New Zealand, or acting on behalf of a corporate entity incorporated in New Zealand or which has a place of business here.
Please provide the information specified above by email to [University of Auckland request email] by 21 June 2019. If you fail to satisfy the University of your eligibility to make a request under the OIA we may treat your request as withdrawn.
Rebecca Ewert
General Counsel
University of Auckland

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