Selection Commitee make up of university provided scholarships

Bailley Verry made this Official Information request to University of Auckland

The request was partially successful.

From: Bailley Verry

Dear University of Auckland,

I would like to know who makes up the selection committee of the following scholarships provided by the University of Auckland:

1. University of Auckland Top Achiever Scholarship
2. University of Auckland Academic Potential Scholarship
3. University of Auckland Maori Academic Excellence Scholarship
4. University of Auckland Pacific Academic Excellence Scholarship
5. Edward Connolly Faculty of Engineering Entry Level Undergraduate Scholarship
6. Faculty of Business and Economics Entry Level Undergraduate Scholarship
7. Faculty of Arts Entry Level Undergraduate Scholarship
8. Faculty of Science High Achiever Undergraduate Entry Scholarship
9. Faculty of Creative Arts and Industries Entry Level Undergraduate Scholarship
10. University of Auckland Academic Potential Scholarship awarded for a Pathway Programme

If selection committee members can not be named for privacy reasons, I would like a list of the stakeholders eg. 'Vice-Chancellor', 'Dean of Faculty X', 'Donor', 'Leader of Business X'

Yours faithfully,

Bailley Verry

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From: Rebecca Ewert
University of Auckland

Dear Bailley,

The composition of the Review Committee/Selection Committee for each of the scholarships listed in your request is set out in that scholarship's regulations. This information is publicly available at Where the regulations list a specific position, you can find the relevant incumbent by searching on the University directory at The identities of the University's management team are also set out on the University's website at

This constitutes a refusal of your request under section 18(d), for the reason that the information requested is publicly available. You have the right to seek an investigation and review of this response by way of a complaint to an Ombudsman.

Yours sincerely,

Rebecca Ewert
General Counsel
University of Auckland

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