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P Kelly made this Official Information request to University of Auckland

The request was successful.

From: P Kelly

Dear University of Auckland,

I made an OIA request on the 25th of March to W Swain for anonymous salary information on a full time equivalent basis for law school academics, which can be in bands (band size being no greater than $50k)

I received no reply so am repeating the request on here, but note that the original request is valid and should drive the timing of your reply.

I would prefer to receive the information in odd-numbered $20k bands - ie $10k-$30k 0 staff,$30k-$50k zero staff,$50k-70k ten staff, that sort of thing.

Yours faithfully,

P Kelly

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From: Rebecca Ewert
University of Auckland

Dear P Kelly,


I refer to your OIA request of 25 March 2019 to Professor Swain and your
email of 6 April 2019. The information requested follows. The table below
sets out salary band information for permanent academic staff members in
the University’s Law School on a full-time equivalent basis.


Base Number of
Salary Permanent
Range Employees
$70K -
$110K 7
$160K 24
$210K 7
>$210K 4
Total 42


Yours sincerely,

Rebecca Ewert

General Counsel



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