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Some people who've made requests haven't let us know whether they were successful or not. We need your help – choose one of these requests, read it, and let everyone know whether or not the information has been provided. Everyone'll be exceedingly grateful.

OIA and PA requests I have been following a stuff series on government departments flaunting the requirements of the OIA. I've done my own research as a result of this... Awaiting classification.
Requested from Ministry of Social Development by K Lambert on
Documents regarding issuance of Trespass Notice I am requesting ALL documents and policies which instruct Duty Nurse Managers as to the reasons for issuance of a Trespass Notice and the process th... Awaiting classification.
Requested from Waikato District Health Board by Amy S Van Wey Lovatt on
Official InformationAct Request regarding recruitment processes for Chief Press Secretary tot he Prime Minister I rest the following information under Offical Information Act. Who made the decision to outsource recruitment of the Chief Press Secretary to the... Awaiting classification.
Requested from Chris Hipkins by Cam Slater on

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