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1. Alex Harris 718 requests
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Some people who've made requests haven't let us know whether they were successful or not. We need your help – choose one of these requests, read it, and let everyone know whether or not the information has been provided. Everyone'll be exceedingly grateful.

History of blockages on wastewater pipeline 562100 between manholes 456789 and 456805 I am writing to you to request a history of all blockages that have required maintenance on sewerage line 562100 between manholes 456789 and 456805... Awaiting classification.
Requested from Watercare Services Limited by Paul Brown on
Payments made, to whom, for what periods for the end of life care for Helen MacKinlay of Taumarunui. Please supply all information relating to payments made for the end of life care for Helen MacKinlay of Campbell St Taumarunui I am presuming thes... Awaiting classification.
Requested from Waikato District Health Board by Brigid Ford on
Regulatory control around employees in the agricultural industry In recent years agricultural farmers have moved away from the ‘do it yourself’ method of farming to one of engaging contractors for a number of farm... Awaiting classification.
Requested from WorkSafe New Zealand by S.J.Gwynne on

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