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Some people who've made requests haven't let us know whether they were successful or not. We need your help – choose one of these requests, read it, and let everyone know whether or not the information has been provided. Everyone'll be exceedingly grateful.

Gender-affirming healthcare provided 2018 Kia ora, I am writing to request information about the gender-affirming healthcare services provided by the South Canterbury District Health Board.... Awaiting classification.
Requested from South Canterbury District Health Board by Gloria Fraser on
Transference of ACC claimants to the Remote Claims Unit I have just received notification of an earlier www.fyi.org.nz OIA request to ACC on 13 October 2020 titled "Request for information about RCU" from... Awaiting classification.
Requested from Accident Compensation Corporation by David Lawson on
Returning Offenders Kia ora Department of Corrections, We are emailing on behalf of the Equal Justice Project in collaboration with the ADLS Criminal Law Committee. We... Awaiting classification.
Requested from Department of Corrections by Equal Justice Project on

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