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Rate of sexual violence on campus across a ten year period
Response by University of Waikato to luca elder on .
Partially successful.
Dear Kyra Gillies, Chris Lam and Luca Elder   I attach the University of Waikato’s response to your request, which has been considered under the O...
Response by University of Waikato to Margaret Mechum on .
Dear Margaret Thank you for your information request. The University has six Postdoctoral Fellows (or Postdoctoral Research Fellows) in faculties whi...
We refer to the official information request dated 16 March 2016 to the University of Waikato. We write to record that the requester has contacted the...
Hi Duanna, As noted the OIA is appointing a case manager or some such to look into your refusal to supply communications. Since the Council has declin...
Pay Bands by Gender
Response by University of Waikato to J James on .
Dear J James   Please find attached, the University’s response to your OIA request.   Your Sincerely   [1]cid:image001.gif@01CEF294.4295107...
Assessments in Te Reo Maori
Response by University of Waikato to Liam on .
Partially successful.
Dear Mr Stoneley   The attached letter refers.     Kind regards   Agnes Betschart
Course materials provided through Waikato Print
Response by University of Waikato to Daniel Farrell on .
Partially successful.
Dear Mr Farrell   The attached letter refers.       Agnes Betschart
Dear Mr Farrell   I refer to your Official Information Act 1982 request to the University of Waikato dated 28 May 2015.  Please find the Universit...
Dear Mr Lane and Mr Jones,   The attached response refers.       Agnes Betschart Assistant Vice-Chancellor (Executive) University of Wa...
Money spent on software licencing
Request to University of Waikato by Terry Jones. Annotated by Dave Lane on .
Long overdue.
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