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ECC/EOC Seismic Resilience
Request to Southland Regional Council by Frank. Annotated by Frank on .
Southland GECC/EOC 100%NBS STR
Hi Lynn Thank you for your request for information, received by Environment Southland on 2 May 2021. You identified a number of question in your emai...
Good morning Alex   Thank you for your Official Information Request dated 12 02 2021.   As per your request below, we enclose the following inf...
Councillor conflict of interest statements
Response by Southland Regional Council to Douglas Black on .
Partially successful.
Hello Mr Black Thanks for your email. I note that your request arose from a Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act request. In that r...
Resource consents for combustion discharges
Follow up sent to Southland Regional Council by Alex Harris on .
Partially successful.
Thanks. As I'm up against the charging limit, there's no need to search for any more. The spreadsheet you provided will enable people to request any...
Council Meeting/workshop minutes
Request to Southland Regional Council by Richard. Annotated by Richard on .
Meeting had a 'heads up' of the report, but apparently no discussion of the report
Hi Gary Richard Bowman has sent you a copy of "2017 04L - Response to LGOIMA Request - Stephenson" (A322631) v2.0 from Objective. This is in respons...
Thank you for responding to my information request. The answers were helpful. Yours sincerely, Matthew Hawkins
They are university or high school students that we employ over the Xmas Holidays Cheers
Locations of injection wells
Follow up sent to Southland Regional Council by Paul McMahon on .
Thank you for your work on this and for your Council's commitment to honouring the LGOIMA. I have received the information, my apologies for not g...
Response by Southland Regional Council to Sam Fraser on .
Hello Sam   Further to your emailed request of 28 May 2012, please find attached a copy of this Council’s organisation chart.  It has two pages,...
Hello Alex Your Official Information Act request, as outlined in the subject-line above, received on Thursday, 17 May 2012, refers. I am able to adv...

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