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Good morning Our apologies for this oversight. Yes, we have received your request on Monday 5 November. It is currently being processed. Regards Selw...
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Follow up sent to Selwyn District Council by David on .
Long overdue.
I am yet to receive even an acknowledgement for this request. I note that according to the LGOIMA response calculator on the website of the Office...
Cost to establish Foster Park Dog Area
Response by Selwyn District Council to Alun on .
Awaiting classification.
  Please find attached Council’s response to your recent LGOIMA request about the Foster Park Dog Area.   Selwyn District Council 2 Norman Kir...
Lions near Izone
Request sent to Selwyn District Council by J Vaiese on .
Long overdue.
I was driving to work on 26th October 2017 and swear I saw someone walking two female lions. Time was between 5:40am-5:50am. Location corner of Ston...

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