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statistics on MPs with disabilities
Response by Parliamentary Service to Andrew Hey on .
Hello Andrew, thank you for your request seeking statistics on members of Parliament with disabilities. Members of Parliament biographies are accessed...
Dear John Parliamentary Service staff are offered an Employee Assistance Programme, which provides independent advice and assistance.
Cost to run Parliament
Response by Parliamentary Service to Liam Stoneley on .
Good afternoon Mr Stoneley, Thank you for your request. Please find the response attached. Kind regards, The Parliamentary Information Service The Par...
Apologies Liam,   Please find attached an updated version of the list of current MP's who hold a practising certificate from the Law Society, in a...
IP address range
Response by Parliamentary Service to J. P. W. Pitt on .
Partially successful.
Good afternoon Thank you for your request for the rane of external IP addresses used by the Parliamentary Service. The following list is the range of...
Hear, hear Luke. I am very impressed by Parliamentary Services response
Email addresses for Members of Parliament
Response by Parliamentary Service to J Squire on .
Good afternoon Mr Squire, I'm afraid that there is no public group email address that will send an email to all MPs. This is to prevent spam. However...
Mps requirements and roles
Follow up sent to Parliamentary Service by Robert Patrick Junior Zimmerman on .
Thank you for your help I should say Yours sincerely, Robert Patrick Junior Zimmerman
Dear Mr Hatton,   In response to your question (see below in italics)  Parliamentary Service is currently not subject to the Official Information Ac...

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