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The Ombudsman is investigating the official information practices of Far North District Council and three other councils. If you have submitted a request for information to Far North District Council, or participated, or attempted to participate in a Council meeting in any capacity in the last 6 - 12 months you are invited to share your experience and perceptions with the Ombudsman via this survey. This survey will be open online until 28 January 2019. Further information is available from the Office of the Ombudsman.

62 requests
Tçnâ koe Mr Riddle   As discussed this afternoon,   Official information request re RFS3949349   I refer to your official information request rec...
Herbicide usage by Police
Response by Far North District Council to P Kelly on .
Information not held.
P Kelly              By email only to:  [FYI request #10023 email]       Dear P Kelly   Official information request: 3946669   I ref...
Dear Mr Bokulic Thank you for your further enquiry. Council have very clear operating procedures regarding dog management. As previously advised the...
Talleys group re correspondence
Response by Far North District Council to Helen kelly on .
Information not held.
Dear Ms Kelly   Official Information Request   Thank you for your enquiry received 19 September 2016. Your request has been referred to the Le...

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