FairWay Resolution Limited

A public authority

As of 11 August 2017 the OIA no longer applies directly to this organisation. However, information held by Fairway Resolution in relation to their contract with another OIA organisation is deemed held by that other organisation and may be requested via that organisation.

For example:

  • Information related to a contract with ACC is deemed held by ACC;
  • Information related to a contract with Ministry of Health is deemed held by Ministry of Health

You should cite section 2(5) of the Official Information Act when making your request.

(Public Finance (Fairway Resolution Limited) Order 2017.
Former name: Dispute Resolution Services Limited.)

Official Information law does not apply to this authority, so you cannot make a request to it.

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Dear Mr Lawson Thank you for your request. FairWay is no longer an organisation subject to the Official Information Act 1982. As you have noted, FairW...
Dear Mr Lawson   I write further to our previous email contact regarding your request for information. Please find attached response from Mr Rhys...
Dear Mr Lawson   Further to your request for information, please find attached our letter of 3 June 2016 and attachments.   Yours sincerely...

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