Robert Patrick Junior Zimmerman made this Official Information request to Department of Conservation

Department of Conservation did not have the information requested.

From: Robert Patrick Junior Zimmerman

Dear Department of Conservation,

What are the restrictions on impotation of firearms?
What are the guildlines for firearms?
How do we know that all firearms are safe in NZ?
do you believe as a result of the escalating threat of violence that the police will be carrying a side arm for personal defence?
If you were me where would go to get information on firearms statics?

Yours faithfully,

Robert Patrick Junior Zimmerman

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From: Enquiries
Department of Conservation

Hello Ministerial Support Team,

I am not sure that this email should have come to DOC (wouldn't the
Police Dept. be more appropriate?).

Please log if appropriate and/or forward on to someone for their

Thank you

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From: Alan Moran
Department of Conservation

Thanks, we will take a look at it

Alan Moran

Ministerial Support Advisor (GSU)
Policy and Regulatory Services Kahui Manutataki

Department of Conservation-Te Papa Atawhai

DDI: + 64 4 471 3286| VPN:8286

Conservation for prosperity Tiakina te taiao, kia puawai

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