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Ryan S made this Official Information request to Television New Zealand Limited

The request was partially successful.

From: Ryan S

Dear Television New Zealand Limited,

After watching the recent TVNZ episode of Q+A regarding pay equality and woman in the workplace, I was wondering if you could please release the following information regarding your organisation.

1. Without going into detail as to who the salaries belong to, simply interested in the number figures, what salaries do you pay to the 15 highest paid staff at tvnz?

Example 1:$xxxxxxxx
2: $xxxxxxxx
3: $xxxxxxx

2. How many of those 15 are woman, and if possible, attribute a gender to each of the pay figures

Example 1:$xxxxxxxx - M
2: $xxxxxxxx - M
3: $xxxxxxx - F

3. Please disclose the policy TVNZ has regarding reaching pay equity in the workplace.

In light of recent events in the media industry globally regarding sexual harassment in the workplace (Fox News, Hollywood etc)

4. What is TVNZ's policy regarding reporting/investigating sexual harassment within the organisation? (Do you have an anonymous tipline?, a form to fill out, independent investigators etc)

5. Is TVNZ reviewing these policies in light of the news coming out globally about Sexual harassment in the media industry?

6. Has TVNZ had to investigate any claims within the past year?

7. If so, how many claims have had to be investigated?

8. Have any of these investigations had to be referred to another agency (such as police)

Yours faithfully,

Ryan S

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From: Brent McAnulty
Television New Zealand Limited

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Dear Ryan


Your email of 5 November requesting information related to TVNZ employee
salaries has been forwarded to my office.


We will respond to your request in due course.


Yours sincerely



Brent McAnulty
General Counsel and Corporate Affairs Director

d.  +64 9 916 7935  
m. +64 27 226 4913







For more information on the Television New Zealand Group, visit us
online at
CAUTION:  This e-mail and any attachment(s) contain information that
is intended to be read only by the named recipient(s).  This information
is not to be used or stored by any other person and/or organisation.


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Luke C left an annotation ()

Questions 1 and 2 can be answered using information supplied to the parliamentary select committee, dated 2 December 2016. Refer to question 90 at:

The information presented includes base salaries, not total remuneration. For total remuneration (including at risk payments, superannuation contributions, etc), refer to page 69 of the latest (FY 2016) annual report at:

The Chief Executive's salary is on page 68 of said report.

If the above information answers your OIA request questions 1 and 2, please email TVNZ advising you no longer require them to provide information answering questions 1 and 2. Question 3-8 remain to be answered.

As an aside, the title of your OIA request is grammatically incorrect. It should be "...Women in Workplace", not woman.

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From: Brent McAnulty
Television New Zealand Limited

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Dear Ryan S


I refer to your email of 5 November requesting information relating to pay
equality and harassment at TVNZ. 


Consistent with its legal obligations and observed remuneration disclosure
best practice, TVNZ doesn’t provide a breakdown of remuneration for
employees other than its CEO.  TVNZ does however disclose total
remuneration (including salary, holiday pay, short term incentives, and
superannuation) paid during each financial year for individuals paid above
$100,000.  Information relating to the 2017 financial year is contained in
our Annual report which can be found here:


Providing the requested remuneration breakdown by gender would enable
identification of individuals and breach employment agreement
confidentiality obligations.  Section 9(2)(a) of the Official Information
Act applies in this regard.


TVNZ doesn't currently have a specific pay equity policy.   However
non-discrimination is referred to in a number of policies including
appointments, diversity and remuneration.


TVNZ has a comprehensive harassment policy.  This was updated in July 2017
and is attached. TVNZ regularly reviews all its policies. There are no
harassment issues that have been reported or investigated at TVNZ in the
past year.


Your sincerely


Brent McAnulty
General Counsel and Corporate Affairs Director

d.  +64 9 916 7935  
m. +64 27 226 4913


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