Evaluation plan for Track 1 (Social Investment Approach) initiatives in Budget 2017

J. Cone made this Official Information request to Minister of Finance

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From: J. Cone

Dear Minister of Finance,

This request and a variety of others, arise at least in part from the rather non-specific links in a previous request:


I am making a series of separate requests, rather than one combined one, in order to avoid including well-answered requests in any subsequent complaint to the Ombudsman.

In so far as the response to any of these requests is to publish something on the Web and then send a link to me, please feel free to send the same link(s) in multiple responses.


Cabinet Paper: Budget 2017
includes on page 22 in item 87.24, a decision to "delegate responsibility to approve the evaluation plan for all Track 1 initiatives to the Secretary of the Treasury".

Please may I have a copy of that evaluation plan?

Yours faithfully,

J. Cone

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Minister of Finance


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