Investments held by the University of Auckland Foundation in weapons companies

Samuel Vincent made this Official Information request to University of Auckland

The request was refused by University of Auckland.

From: Samuel Vincent

Dear University of Auckland,

My name is Samuel Vincent and I am hereby making a request for information in accordance with the Official Information Act 1982.

The information relates to the investments held by the University of Auckland Foundation. It is my understanding that the Foundation only invests in term deposits with New Zealand banks and commingled funds.

I understand that each investment manager in control of these commingled funds must provide to the Foundation, each quarter, their purchases and sales of securities over that quarter.

I am requesting the names of the companies in which the Foundation is invested, which are included in the SIPRI Top 100 arms-producing and military services companies 2015 list. I refer to both equities and corporate bonds held by the commingled funds in which the Foundation is invested.

For simplicity, I request that the company names be provided according to the commingled fund through which the Foundation is invested in these companies.

Any information you have available on the value of the Foundation's stake in these investments would be deeply appreciated. This forms part of my request but I am not asking for any calculations to be done.

Thank you so much for your assistance.

Yours faithfully,
Samuel Vincent

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From: Rebecca Ewert
University of Auckland


Dear Samuel


The University has not cross-referenced the information it holds about the
Foundation’s investments against the list you provided. Accordingly, the
information requested about which (if any) of the companies in which the
Foundation is invested are included in that list is not held by the
University. Your request is refused under s 18(g) of the Official
Information Act.


Please note that the University and the Foundation are separate entities,
and all the information held by the University about the Foundation's
investments was provided in strict confidence.


You have the right to complain to the Ombudsman about this response under
s 28(3) of the Act.


Yours sincerely


Rebecca Ewert

General Counsel

University of Auckland


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