Loch Katrine Huts

Brendan Smith made this Official Information request to Department of Conservation

The request was partially successful.

From: Brendan Smith

Dear Department of Conservation,

I would like to request the following information regarding the 3 huts at Loch Katrine, built by the Loch Katrine Association with the permission of DOC:

1) Information regarding the number of paid bookings that have been made by the public (i.e. not the hut owners or those who are able to get preferred rates) for the 3 Loch Katrine huts since they have been built. In addition to this please provide details of the total cabin fees charged since the huts were built.

I would also appreciate if, for the last 5 years the bookings could be broken down by each hut, showing the number of bookings as well as the days stayed (by the public) for each month during the period beginning 1 January 2012 to 31 December 2016. I would also appreciate details of the number of occupants and the amounts paid for each of these stays.

If this information is not available, could you please explain why it is not available, and why DOC has not requested a copy of these records under Schedule 3 of the Concession Document dated 22 March 2004 (the "Lease")

2) Information regarding the number of instances since the huts were built that the public has been refused access to the cabins and the reasons for each of these refusals. To the extent this information is unavailable to DOC, could you please explain why this information has not been requested by DOC (under Schedule 3 of the Lease) in order to monitor the compliance with the Lease by the Concessionaire.

3) Proof of, and details of, the annual audit conducted on the Concessionaire’s bank account where all fees collected from the cabin is banked. To the extent this information is not accessible to DOC (as the concessionaire holds this information), could you please provide an explanation as to how DOC is ensuring the condition in Schedule 3 of the Lease is being complied with.

I would also appreciate if you could provide details of the amount spent on the purposes listed in Schedule 3 of the Lease, including details of all spending on maintenance, enhancement/protection projects, and any other spending that has been approved by the Area Manager North Canterbury.

Could you please also explain how DOC is ensuring the money generated from the cabins is spent on the purposes listed in Schedule 3 of the Lease.

4) Details of the current cabin fees as agreed by and approved by DOC, and the date these fees were approved. I would also appreciate details of any previous agreed fees and the dates these fees were effective from and to.

Yours faithfully,

Brendan Smith

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From: OIA
Department of Conservation

Dear Brendan
On behalf of the Director-General of the Department of Conservation, I confirm receipt of your request for official information. Your request has been forwarded to the relevant business group for processing. You will receive a reply in accordance with the requirements of the Official Information Act 1982.
Yours sincerely
Alan Moran
for Director-General

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From: Wendy Osborne
Department of Conservation

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Please find attached the Department of Conservation's reply to the
Official Information request regarding the Loch Katrine Huts.


Nga mihi

Wendy Osborne


Wendy Osborne

Personal Assistant
Department of Conservation—Te Papa Atawhai
03 371 3738 | VPN 5438




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