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Iain Palmer made this Official Information request to Wairarapa District Health Board

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From: Iain Palmer

Dear Wairarapa District Health Board,

I have just been forced to pay $45 for three general painkillers
prescribed by a Dentist.

I was informed that due to the script being from a specialist there
is a higher cost per medication than if it was from a GP where I
would have only paid $15.

GP per med - $5
Specialist per med - $15

Can you please explain why I am being charged what feels like
daylight robbery due to the script being from a specialist compared
to GP for the same medication.

Yours faithfully,

Iain Palmer

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From: Sandra Loveday [WRDHB]
Wairarapa District Health Board

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Good morning Mr Palmer
Please find attached Wairarapa DHBs response
Thank you

Sandra Loveday
Wairarapa and Hutt Valley DHB OIA co-ordinator
Wairarapa DHB Corporate Office
Level 1, CSSB Building
Blair St
06 946 9800 ext 5575
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