Masterton Signage Poles Budget Breakdown

Emily made this Official Information request to Masterton District Council

The request was partially successful.

From: Emily

Dear Masterton District Council,

I would like to receive a breakdown of the costs of the Masterton Signage Poles including areas of the budget allocated to consultation, planning and design, manufacturing, and erecting the poles amongst other costs.

I would also like to see the breakdown of the intended budget with the same cost divisions.

Please send information in 2 separate comprehensive tables.

Thank you.

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From: Emily

Dear Masterton District Council,

Just following up on a FYI request made last month on behalf of a few Masterton residents. Response was expected July 23, please send relevant information as soon as possible.


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From: Ruth Cox
Masterton District Council

Good afternoon Emily

Thank you for your email of even date requesting information under the Official Information Act relating to Masterton Signage Poles Budget Breakdown.

Unfortunately your earlier email was caught up as spam.

As your request was only received today, the information you request will be compiled and we will respond to you as soon as practicable but within 20 working days after the day on which your request was received, as allowed under s15 of the Act.

Are you able to supply your full name and the name of your organisation please?

Ruth Cox
Office Supervisor
Masterton District Council
Phone (06) 370 6300 ext 704
DDI (06) 370 6304
email: [email address]

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From: Emily

Hi Ruth

It's Emily Norman from the Times Age,

I actually lodged the FYI request before I began working as a journalist here in Wairarapa for my own interest and the interest of other Masterton residents, but am still wanting this information.

Thanks very much for your prompt response today,


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From: Tracy O'Neale
Masterton District Council

Attachment 2015 08 12 Emily re Break down of Pou Project budget.pdf
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Dear Emily,


Please find attached our letter in response to your request for


Kind regards




Tracy O’Neale
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From: Emily

Hi Tracy and Pim,

Thank you for the information received August 14, however I did ask for both the intended budget and actual to allow for a comparison.

Although the information does not fulfill the entirety of my original OIA request, it does sufficiently fulfill my personal curiosity which was the intent of the request, and I thank you for your prompt reply Mr Borren and MDC.

I have marked the OIA as finished and that I have received "some of the information".

Thanks very much for your help,


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