Sativex Prescription funding by ACC

Shane Le Brun made this Official Information request to Accident Compensation Corporation

The request was refused by Accident Compensation Corporation.

From: Shane Le Brun

Dear Accident Compensation Corporation,

I would like to request information about how a unique last resort medication of significant cost but impressive effectiveness and safety (compared to other Class B drugs used for chronic pain) which is not funded by Pharmac, and has been funded in rare circumstances by ACC, Sativex, which goes by the generic name nabiximols.

How many applications have been made to ACC since 2008 for Sativex to be prescribed,

How many of those funding applications since 2008 have been approved for funding by ACC.

How many Patients are funded long term, or "for the forseeable future"

What is the average annual cost of Sativex prescriptions for those patients funded long term, as classified above.

What is the breakdown of conditions that ACC has funded Sativex for, eg CRPS, Neuropathic pain, CNS Sensitzation/Allodynia etc following injury.

Yours faithfully,

Shane Le Brun

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