TPPA draft text.

Morgan made this Official Information request to Minister of Trade

The request was refused by Minister of Trade.

From: Morgan

Dear Minister of Trade,

I am writing to make a request under the Official Information Act, for:

1) The first draft text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.
2) Amendments made to the first draft (and when these amendments were made) since negotiations begun up to the present date.

I believe this information is not eligible for being withheld under Section 6 (e VI) of the Act as releasing this information does not pose a risk to "to damage seriously the economy of New Zealand", furthermore the TPPA goes beyond being just an overseas trade agreement.

Yours faithfully,

Morgan Cummins-Hussey

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From: T Groser (MIN)
Minister of Trade

On behalf of Hon Tim Groser, thank you for your email.  Your
correspondence has been noted and will be recorded.


All correspondence, including email,  is routed through our mail tracking
process.  Although e-mail increases the speed of delivery, the
“behind-the-scenes” efforts of the Minister’s staff in responding to
mail cannot always provide the kind of speedy response users of email may


While the Minister considers all correspondence to be important, if it is
obvious that you are writing only to express a personal view your opinion
will be noted but a response beyond this acknowledgement may not be sent.


Thank you again.


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From: T Groser (MIN)
Minister of Trade

Attachment OIA Response TPP.pdf
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Dear Morgan

Please find attached the response from Hon Tim Groser, Minister of Trade, to your OIA request.

Yours sincerely

Bibiana Marsh
Office of Hon Tim Groser
Minister of Trade | Minister for Climate Change Issues
Parliament Buildings | Private Bag 18041 | Wellington 6160 | New Zealand

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