OIA Response 20230313

john luke made this Official Information request to Massey University

The request was successful.

From: john luke

Dear Massey University,

I have saw your recent OIA Response 20230313 online.

May I request full copy of Memorandum of Understanding signed between Massey University, Beijing Jiaotong University and Guizhou University.

I noted in your response, “ Massey University has record of a few low value transactions from Guizhou University”

Can you please specify the exact number of value in regards to these transactions?

Would you be able to disclose the nature of professor and staff member involved in these transactions? What are the money for, are they attending conference or training?

Yours faithfully,

john luke

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From: OIA Requests
Massey University

Dear John


Reference number for your request is: 15/2023
Thank you for your request for official information, received by Massey
University on 17/04/2023.

Your request has been received and logged.  As required under the Official
Information Act 1982, Massey University will respond to your request
within 20 working days.  


You should receive a response on or before 16/05/2023.


The response date shown takes into account:

 1. Anzac Day (25 April 2023)

If a large amount of information has been requested or if Massey
University needs to consult to make a decision, we may need to extend this
date (this is provided for in section 15A of the Act).  


We will advise you if such an extension is necessary.


Kind Regards

Rachel Ferguson



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From: Jodie Banner
Massey University

Attachment Memorandum of Understanding between Massey University Beijing Jiaotong University and Guizhou University 1.pdf
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Attachment OIA response 18052023.pdf
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Tçnâ koe John,
Please find attached to this email a response to your recent OIA request.
Kind regards,
Jodie Banner


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