Language requirements for MFAT employees posted overseas

Madeleine Harris made this Official Information request to Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

The request was successful.

From: Madeleine Harris

Dear Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade,

This is a request for:

(1) The requirements (if any) MFAT has of ensuring language proficiency before posting a person to work in a foreign speaking country. If the requirements differ between foreign speaking countries please list country with the corresponding language requirement.

(2) How long the average posting is.

(3) If an employee moves to a foreign country with their family what costs (for example, preschool, primary school, living costs, health insurance, living allowance) does MFAT cover?

Yours faithfully,

Madeleine Harris

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade


Dear Madeleine Harris,


Thank you for your OIA request, this email confirms receipt and advises
that your request has been sent to the appropriate division for response.


Kind regards,




Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade






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From: WILL, Don (DS IDG/ESD)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

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Dear Madeleine Harris

Please find attached the Ministry's response to your OIA request of 8 October 2014.

Yours sincerely,

D. G. Will
for Secretary of Foreign Affairs and Trade

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