Complaints made to the University of Canterbury over the RoUndie 500 event

Joshua Grainger made this Official Information request to University of Canterbury

The request was successful.

From: Joshua Grainger

Dear University of Canterbury,

I would like to make a request under the Official Information Act some information about the number of complaints the University has received about the RoUndie 500 event.

It was reported by Stuff the University had received 57 complaints about the RoUndie 500 event, of which 47 complaints related to the feminists.

• What was the basis for this statement that there had been 57 complaints? What metric is the University using to assess what is a complaint?
o What organisations, including clubs, who have complained are included here in this figure? I know some clubs who have complained so I am just trying to be sure that all complaints received were included in this figure.

• How many unique complaints were received by the University about the RoUndie 500 event up until 12pm on 25/09/14? How many of these complaints were ‘against the feminists’ and how many were against the behaviour at the RoUndie 500 event?
o Please keep in mind that this is about the University as a whole. Hence I would like information about complaints through various different avenues, including through the University’s complaints service, to anyone in the Engineering Department, directly to the Proctor, and directly to the Vice Chancellor

Thank you for your consideration.

Yours Sincerely,
Joshua Grainger

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From: records
University of Canterbury

Attachment 14.32 Grainger RoUndie 500 complaints 26 09 2014.pdf
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Dear Joshua,

Please find the attached initial response to your request.

Kind Regards,

Anita Kerr | Senior Information Advisor
Vice-Chancellor's Office | University of Canterbury

U 03 369 3889 (ext 93889) |

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From: Anita Kerr
University of Canterbury

Attachment 14.32 RoUndie 500 complaints 17 Oct 2014.pdf
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Dear Joshua,


Please find attached UC’s response to your request.


Kind Regards


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