Communication between Pharmacy Guild of New Zealand and the Ministry of Health

JS made this Official Information request to Ministry of Health

The request was refused by Ministry of Health.

From: JS

Dear Ministry of Health,

I request a summary of correspondence between the Pharmacy Guild of NZ and the Ministry of Health between 1 January 2022 and 1 May 2022.

To make this easy I would accept the data in spreadsheet or CSV form with date/time of email, email subject line, email recipient and email senders. A search of all Ministry emails (_____ @ and Guild emails (______ @ that meet this criteria would be appreciated.

Ngā mini nui,

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From: OIA Requests

Thank you for your Official Information Act request. This is
an automatic reply to let you know we received it.

In accordance with the Act, we'll let you know our decision within no more
than 20 working days. If you'd like to calculate the timeframe, you can
use the Ombudsman's online calculator
here: [1]

Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic response, the Ministry is experiencing
significantly higher volumes of queries and requests for information. This
means we may take some time in responding to your request. The Ministry
regularly updates information about the COVID-19 situation and publishes
OIA responses considered to be of public interest:

Please also refer to the Unite Against Covid-19 website for copies of
papers, minutes, and key advice for the decisions the Government has made
relating to COVID-19.

Sometimes we may need to clarify aspects of a request. You can expect to
hear from us soon if that is the case here.

Ngā mihi,

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Ministry of Health

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