Number of people caught breaching exam rules

Andre Knops made this Official Information request to University of Canterbury

The request was successful.

From: Andre Knops

Dear University of Canterbury,

I request from your organization the number of people caught breaching exam rules during the end of semester exam period of 16 June to 28 June 2014.

I am not requesting the names of the accused or any form of information identifying those caught in breach, only a table showing the number of people caught and what they were caught doing.

Supplementary to this information I also seek a table showing of those that were found in breach of the rules the action taken by the University.
(expulsion,loss of credit, fine, case dismissed etc)

Yours faithfully,

Andre Knops

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From: records
University of Canterbury

Attachment 14.29 2014 Mid year Exam Breach Stats Response.pdf
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Dear Andre

Please find attached the University's response to your Official Information Act request.

Kind regards,

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