Donations protected from disclosure

Keri Henare made this Official Information request to Electoral Commission

The request was refused by Electoral Commission.

From: Keri Henare

Dear Electoral Commission,

I am seeking the following information regarding all donations protected from disclosure submitted to the Electoral Commission from December 2007 until the date of your reply:

* The name of the registered political party that was intended to receive the donation.
* The amount of the donation in NZ Dollars.
* Date that the donation was submitted to the Electoral Commission.
* Date that the donation was paid to the party, returned to the donor or paid to the crown.
* The number of people who contributed money towards the donation.
* The city or region of the donor's street address as well as country if not New Zealand.
* An identifier unique to each donor across repeat donations (e.g.: "Donor A" made a donation in 2008 and the same "Donor A" made a donation in 2011. This keeps the identity of the donor anonymous while allowing for patterns to be detected).

Yours faithfully,

Keri Henare

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You can find some of the information you're looking for (such as amount of donation, who the donation went to) here:

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From: Alice Parawa

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Good morning Keri,


Please find attach response to for OIA logged on the 31^st July.


Many Thanks,


Alice | Electoral Commission | Te Kaitiaki Take Kôwhiri  

PO Box 3220 | Level 10, 34 – 42 Manners Street | Wellington | 6140

Phone +64 4 495 0030| Fax +64 4 495 0031 | [1]


[2]iVoteNZ 2014 GE V1



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