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Chuck Schooner (Account suspended) made this Official Information request to Ministry of Health

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From: Chuck Schooner (Account suspended)

Dear Ministry of Health,

On 17th November 2021 Medsafe added the following regarding a safety communication as follows.

Medsafe and the COVID-19 Vaccine Independent Safety Monitoring Board (CV-ISMB) have completed a review of the available safety information on vaccination with Comirnaty during pregnancy. No safety concerns have been found when Comirnaty is administered during pregnancy.

Since that time there have been 41 further reports of abortion, premature pregnancy or still birth.

- Please provide any and all information that contradicts Medsafes own data that vaccination is safe for pregnant woman because clearly there is a risk due to real world data

Are pregnant woman being warned that they may lose there baby due to the vaccine?
If not - why not?

How many more premature deaths are required before Medsafe decide that this isn't safe for the pregnant woman and their unborn child.

There was also a warning for AEFI's in children sometime ago. We are now vaccinating children with already through January alone 519 of our most vulnerable having side effects including heart conditions. Why is Medsafe not following the science - clearly this is dangerous for children. Data would show all 519 of these children prior to mass vaccination would be fine against Covid with data equating to 44 in a million going to hospital from the virus. Please provide an actual cost benefit analysis.

Yours faithfully,

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