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Sars Covi-2

David Renwick made this Official Information request to Ministry of Health

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From: David Renwick

Dear Ministry of Health,

Under the official Information Act, I am making a request for documentation (from the Minister/s) the Isolation of the SARS-COV-2 virus, certifiable evidence that this sample was isolated uncombined, free from other genetic material, in its purest form, identified and validated.

I ask that these documents show the virus has been isolated from a sample of an asymptomatic patient of COVID 19.

Please note that I am using "isolation" meaning the complete separation of the viral specimen and not simply a PCR test or cultured sample from a lab.

Yours faithfully,

David Renwick

Yours faithfully,

David Renwick

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From: OIA Requests

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Kia ora David,

Thank you for your email. Please note the Ministry of Health (the
Ministry) does not conduct scientific research or studies. You may wish to
refer to online scientific studies for further
information: [1]https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/.  


Please also note information relevant to your request has been previously
published on the Ministry website
here: [2]https://www.health.govt.nz/system/files/...


Under section 28(3) of the Act you have the right to ask the Ombudsman to
review any decisions made under this request. The Ombudsman may be
contacted by email at: [3][email address] or by calling 0800
802 602. 


Ngā mihi 

OIA Services Team 


[4]Ministry of Health information releases 

[5]Unite against COVID-19 

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Visible links
1. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/
2. https://www.health.govt.nz/system/files/...
3. mailto:[email address]
4. https://www.health.govt.nz/about-ministr...
5. https://covid19.govt.nz/
6. https://scanmail.trustwave.com/?c=15517&...
7. https://scanmail.trustwave.com/?c=15517&...

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We don't know whether the most recent response to this request contains information or not – if you are David Renwick please sign in and let everyone know.

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