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From: David Nicholas

Dear Ministry of Justice,

In 2011 Alan Gordon Thomas of Auckland was sentenced to home detention for a plot to cause ACC staff harm, in what has become known as the Takapuna Bomb Plot. This took place in the District Court - this information is not available on your website.

Could you please supply a full copy of the court transcript and the Judgement.

Yours faithfully,

David Nicholas

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Court transcripts are not "official information" - see s2(6) OIA. You need to apply to the appropriate District Court Registrar under rule 3.19 of the District Courts Rules 2009.

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Ministry of Justice

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Dear David Nicholas


Please find attached a letter from Tony Fisher in response to your email
of 5 March 2014.


Kind regards,

Paul McGregor


[1]http://justice.govt.nz/courts/shared/jus... Paul McGregor

Acting Senior Business
Advisor | District
Courts Group
DDI: +64 4 918 8726 |
Ext 58726


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