Details of any payments, whether in part or in full, made to vaccine producers and/or suppliers in respect of Covid19 vaccines

Robin Benson made this Official Information request to Ministry of Health

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From: Robin Benson

To: Ministry of Health

Official Information Act 1982 ("Act")
SARS-CoV-2 ("Covid19")

This is an official request for information pursuant to the Act.

1. Please provide any and all cost data, whether in part or aggregate, relating to the securing, support, funding, purchase of Covid19 vaccine, or any other type of payment made to or financial agreement agreed with vaccine producers and/or developers and/or suppliers in the context of Covid19.

2. Please confirm Ministry of Health policy is in relation to the public provision of this and related cost data following the conclusion of those commercial agreements.

I hereby confirm that I meet the requirements of the Act in making this request.

Should you require any evidence concerning meeting requirements pursuant to section 12 of the Act please respond without delay outlining:

(a) the forms of evidence you deem acceptable and an email address to which such information can be sent, and

(b) the genuine and reasonable grounds for requiring such evidence.

Yours faithfully

Robin Benson (Mr)

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