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john luke made this Official Information request to Tertiary Education Commission

The request was successful.

From: john luke

Dear Tertiary Education Commission,

I noted is under your administration.

May I kindly request the organizational chart for the

Please provide a list of salary band for all the positions within the, listed by business group, and for each please provide the full position title, and the associated remuneration and an indication of whether the position is filled by a permanent employee or a contractor/consultant or other. I am comfortable if you wish to provide the remuneration information in salary bands or ranges or similar, provided they are not too large. I note that SSC uses ranges of $10,000 when identifying chief executive remuneration which would be an acceptable range for my request.

Yours faithfully,

john luke

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From: Hugh McIlraith
Tertiary Education Commission

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Dear John Luke


Thank you for your recent email.


You requested details on the organisation structure and salary band for
all the positions of is a website that is
administrated by the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC). As the is a website it does not have an organisation chart. The
TEC employees who work on the website do not work
exclusively on the website.  It appears likely that your original request
will need to be clarified or amended to enable us to respond. Please note,
any clarification or amendment of a request is considered to be a new
request for the purpose of calculating the maximum statutory timeframe for
response—see section 15(1AA) of the OIA.


You may wish to look at the TEC’s website at
[1] for information on how
we are structured.  You may also be interested in the information the TEC
provides to the Education and workforce select committee as part of their
annual review of the TEC.  This information includes a list of the
contractors and consultants employed by the TEC. It also includes
information about the staff employed by the TEC. You can access this
information here:
. I trust this information will help you to refine your request.


If you need any further assistance to refine your request you can contact
me using the phone number or email addresses below.


If you would like to refine your request, can you please let us know by 31
July 2020?



Ngâ mihi



Hugh McIlraith

Team Leader
DDI 04 462-5175

[3]FLASH DRIVE:TEC 33976 Visual E [email address]
Identity:02 Production:Stationery,
Business Cards, Email PO Box 27-048, Wellington 6141, New
Footer:TEC_Email_Logo_Footer.png Zealand

This email is only intended to be read by the named recipient.  It may
contain information which is confidential, proprietary or the subject of
legal privilege.  If you are not the intended recipient you must delete
this email and may not use any information contained in it.  Legal
privilege is not waived because you have read this email.






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From: Ministerial Requests
Tertiary Education Commission

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Kia ora John Luke,

Please find attached a response to your recent Official Information Act request.

Ngâ mihi
Genevieve Lash
Advisor Ministerials
Ministerial Services – Corporate & Finance
PO Box 27-048, Wellington, New Zealand

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