What was the $2 million spent on during Level 4 Lockdown (Accomodation Services)

Mr M P Ross made this Official Information request to Victoria University of Wellington

The request was partially successful.

From: Mr M P Ross

Dear Victoria University of Wellington,

In news media recently and in your press release (https://www.wgtn.ac.nz/news/2020/04/upda...) dated 25 April 2020, it stated that "The University has incurred costs of more than $2 million in its accommodation services during this period."

Under the Official Information Act I would like

1) A full financial breakdown of these incurred costs ($2 million+).
2) What will the $150 to hold a room (that people aren't allowed to be use) be specifically spent on?
3) Where is this fee listed in students signed tenancy agreements?
4) What is the consequence of a student not paying your hold room fee?
5) How many students are you expecting to pay this fee weekly?
6) By the time you answer this question (Probably late May 2020) , how many students have paid this fee, and 6a) what was the total of these fees received by the University?
6b) What was this money spent on?
7) How did the university come up/ with calculate the $150 fee to be $150?
8) What was the annual gross profit made by Victoria University in 2019?
9) At the end of 2019, did Victoria University (University and Consolidated) have over $100 million in Cash and Cash Equivalents, including funds held by controlling trusts?
9a) If so/if not, what was the figure?
10) Have you made any employees redundant during the Level 4 Lockdown?
10a) If so how many?
11) Did Victoria University apply for the COVID-19 Wage Subsidy?

By Victoria University, I also mean Victoria University of Wellington for the above questions.

I look forward to your full response.

Yours faithfully,

Mr M P Ross

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