Direction to Drinking Water Assessors

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From: James Adams

Dear Ministry of Health,

This is an Official Information Act request relating to directions issued by the Director-General of Health to Drinking Water Assessors.

At a Christchurch City Council meeting on 29 August 2019, a council employee stated that the Director-General had instructed Christchurch's Drinking Water Assessors not to sign-off on any alterations to the city's bore-heads. I would like to find out whether such a direction was issued, what the reasons for it were, and whether similar instructions were issued to Drinking Water Assessors elsewhere in the country.

With this in mind, I request any formal correspondence, such as directions or guidance notes (but not day-to-day email correspondence) between the Director-General of Health and Drinking Water Assessors since August 2016.

If this covers too many documents, or too few, I would be more than willing to modify my request. Thank you!

Yours faithfully,

James Adams

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