Advisory Committee members re Non-Ionising Radiation - connections with Telco. industry

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From: Michael Vaughan

Dear Ministry of Health,

I would like to know the following information concerning the Advisory Committee on Non-Ionising Radiation:

(a) Who are the current members of this committee?
(b) Which of these members has been employed by (or contracted by) a telecommunications company?
(c) What is the process whereby these individuals become members of this committee?
(d) When making decisions about non-ionising radiation, e.g. Safety Standards, from what other sources does the Ministry of Health access information?
(e) How many members of the committee have qualifications in Biology to enable them to adequately advise the Ministry of Health about possible effects of non-ionising radiation at cellular level?
(f) Has the Ministry of Health been informed by the Advisory Committee that France has banned wi-fi in pre-school centres and restricted its usage in primary schools...and has the Ministry of Health taken any steps to find out the reasons for this, in the interests of the safety of children in New Zealand?
(g) What are the proposed frequencies for 5G and what research has been conducted into the safety of these particular frequencies of non-ionising radiation?

It is obviously of extreme importance the the Ministry of Health receives high-quality, unbiased advice from the Advisory Committee on Non-Ionising Radiation and that members of the committee do not have Conflicts of Interest such as employment or contracting connections with the telecommunications industry.

Yours faithfully,

Michael Vaughan

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