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Credit where credit's due

What made FYI possible? #
What relationship does FYI have with the New Zealand Herald?#
  • The New Zealand Herald is providing hosting and technical support for the operation of the website. The Herald has offered this support because it believes that the Official Information Act is an important institution and that this website is a valuable public service.
  • FYI is a project maintained completely by volunteers independent of The New Zealand Herald. The Herald will never interfere in the operation and administration of the site or any OIA Requests made through the site, nor does the Herald prevent anyone from using
Can I help out? #

Yes please! We're built out of our supporters and volunteers.

  • Help people find successful requests, and monitor performance of authorities, by playing the categorisation game.
  • Find out OIA email addresses of authorities that we're missing.
  • Write a blog post about either FYI or an interesting request that you've found. Post about it on a forum that you frequent. Tell friends about it.