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Request for Application to Enrol
Request to University of Otago by K Roe. Annotated by Andrew F on .
Harassing the registrar by resorting to vexatious ad hominem responses is unlikely to bear fruit. I would suggest contacting the University if you are...
Hyde St Keg Party
Response by University of Otago to Sleepless on .
The requester of the information has now been in contact with the University and we are dealing with him directly over this request. Sincerely, Jan F...
Dear Mr Stadnyk, Professor Barker is unaware of any request regarding a SWOT analysis and as far as I can ascertain no such document exists. Neverthel...
Breakdown of papers by average mark.
Response by University of Otago to Jamie Parkinson-Wisely on .
Information not held.
Dear J R B Parkinson-Wisely   Please find attached the University of Otago response to your Official Information Act request, received by email on...
Expenditure on proprietary software vendors across University
Clarification sent to University of Otago by Dave Lane on .
Apologies for the previous request in response to the request for a breakdown of expenditure by vendor and in aggregate over the past 5 years. I onl...

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