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Ben Hassall 
[FYI request #8373 email]  
Dear Mr Hassall 
Request for information 2018-350 
I  refer  to  your  request  for  information  dated  22  November  2018,  which  was  received  by  Greater 
Wellington Regional Council on 22 November 2018. You have requested the following information: 
“Firstly, I am yet to receive the following requested information outlined in my reply of 27 August 
4. RE Attachment 1: Presentation 28 July 2017 LTP Finance Working Group Workshop: This 
outlines four initial options as well as the “Assessment of the Option” framework and “Next Steps” 
stated to be “Model PT Rate Options”.  
Can I please have a copy of the meeting agenda and minutes of 28 July 2017 LTP Finance Working 
Group Workshop?  

- I am yet to receive a copy of the workshop minutes as requested on 27 August 2018. 
6. Can I please have a copy of the final “Assessment of the Option” ratings for each of the four 
options as outlined as the next step to the 28 July 2017 LTP Finance Working Group Workshop? 
- I am yet to receive a copy of the "Assessment of the Option" ratings for each of the options as 
requested on 27 August 2018.  
7. Attachment 2: Discussion Paper Council Working Group 20 September 2017 Public Transport 
Review of Revenue Financing Policy: This document outlines two options for further consideration 
as well as the initial Benefit Ratios for different ratepayer groups under the “Level of Benefit 
Option”.  It states “These suggested differentials were derived in a series of workshops with 
economics, policy, finance, and public transport staff, exploring the relative benefits and impacts of 
public transport”. 
Can I please have a copy of the meeting or management decision that eliminated two of the initial 
four options as well as the assessing information on which this decision was based? 

RESPONSE TO 2018-350 

- I am yet to receive a copy of the meeting or management decision that eliminated two of the initial 
four options as well as the assessing information on which this decision was based as requested on 
27 August 2018. 
Furthermore, in regards to my question 8, I asked for: 
“The meeting agendas, presentation information and minutes for the “series of workshops with 
economics, policy, finance, and public transport staff, exploring the relative benefits and impacts of 
public transport”, including the time and place of the workshops as well as a list of all who attended 
these workshops.” 
The GWRC response was “The series of workshops referred to did not have agendas and were not 
As for the Councillor workshops, I ask for and want to know what information the GWRC does have 
about “series of workshops with economics, policy, finance, and public transport staff".  
A) For each of these “workshops with economics, policy, finance, and public transport staff", can 
you please provide the date/time, location, attendees and any workshop information provided to the 
attendees (either before, during or after the workshop)? 
B) It is disappointing that no minutes were kept of the workshops but could I also please have a copy 
of the meeting notes from these workshops that were used as the basis of the information in Section 
6.4 of the 20 September Councillor Workshop discussion paper?” 

Greater Wellington Regional Council’s response follows. 
Greater  Wellington  Regional  Council  workshops  are  not  minuted,  unlike  the  Council 
Meetings, therefore the minutes for the 28 July 2018 Council workshop cannot be provided 
on  the  basis  that  they  do  not  exist  (section  17(e)  of  the  Local  Government  Official 
Information and Meetings Act 1987 (the Act)). 
I attach the summary “Assessment of Options” table that was used as the basis for discussion 
at the Working group meeting. 
This information cannot be provided, as the decision to eliminate two of the rating options 
arose out of the consultation with Councillors at the 28 July 2017 Council workshop where 
the preferences were indicated verbally. As previously advised, the Council workshops are 
not minuted. 
The dates, times, locations and invited attendees were provided to you in the request for 
information sent on 12 November 2018. The only information presented to the attendees was 
by way of the discussion papers that you have previously received. 
RESPONSE TO 2018-350 
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This information cannot be provided on the basis that the information does not exist (section 
17(e) of the Act). The “series of workshops with economics, policy, finance, and public 
transport staff, exploring the relative benefits and impacts of public transport” referred to in 
section 6.4 of the 20 September 2017 discussion paper did not have meeting notes or minutes 
If you have any concerns with the decision(s) referred to in this letter, you have the right to request 
an investigation and review by the Ombudsman under section 27(3) of the Act.  
Yours sincerely 
Samantha Gain 
General Manager, Corporate Services  
Attachment 1: Assessment of Options in PT Rates Discussion 28 July 2017 
RESPONSE TO 2018-350