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Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2013 19:46:20 +1300
Subject: Official Information Act request - Payroll error statistics
From: Maria-Jane Brodie <[FYI request #737 email]>
To: OIA requests at Air New Zealand <[email address]>

Dear Air New Zealand,

I am writing to request a breakdown of payroll error rates and
statistics for the 2012 calendar year (01/01/12-31/12/12), broken
down by pay period. Specifically:
-The number of underpayments and overpayments made each pay period,
broken down into gross dollar value bands in increments of $500
(e.g. overpayments $0-$499, overpayments $500-$999, underpayments
$0-$499, etc).
-The number of staff employed by Air New Zealand during each of
these pay periods.
-If available, a breakdown of numbers of underpayments and
overpayments by reason: error by the employee or team leader,
processing error by the payroll team, system error.
-Number of staff members who have had errors over multiple pays.
E.g.: number of staff with a total of 0 pay periods with an error,
number of staff with a total of 1 pay periods with an error, number
of staff with a total of 2 pay periods with an error, etc.

I would prefer to receive this information in electronic format -
ideally, an excel spreadsheet.

Yours faithfully,

Maria-Jane Brodie


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