This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Official Information request 'ACC's Guidelines, Policies and Procedures for Social Rehabilitation'.

List of Documents 
Aids and Appliances 
What is an aid or appliance 
When to provide an aid or appliance 
Providing personal alarms 
Injury-related increased electricity charges 
Requesting high cost aids and appliances 
Managing aid or appliance request 
Assessing a client’s increased electricity charges 
Guide and assistance dogs 
 Managed rehabilitation equipment service 
Artificial limbs (Artificial Limbs Service) 
Types of visually impaired rehabilitation services 
Overseas claims 
Attendant Care 
Purpose of attendant care 
Attendant care 
When to provide attendant care 
Types of attendant care 
Supervisory care 
Overnight care 
Relief care 
Providing attendant care overseas 
Attendant care payments 
Home Help 
Purpose of home help 
Home help 
When to provide home help 
Modifications to home 
Housing modifications – (purpose of) 
Housing modifications 
Further housing modifications 

Guidelines for engaging with the client 
Guidelines for managing the housing modification (clients use own architect or builder) 
Decision-making help for case owners 
Arranging a housing modification assessment 
Arranging minor housing modifications 
Arranging standard/complex housing modifications 
Arranging the installation of pre-made standard length grab rails 
Transport for independence 
Transport for independence 
Transport for independence (purpose of) 
Transport for independence options 
Funded transport 
Driver licences 
Driver licence retraining 
Vehicle modification 
Transport for Independence for children 
Vehicle grants 
Completing a transport needs assessment 
Arranging vehicle modifications