This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Official Information request 'Requesting all infomation relating to proposed day care centre 218-220 Beach Road Campbells Bay Auckland'.

27 June 2016 
Official Information Request No. 9000142822 
 (Please quote this in any correspondence) 
Stuart Horne 
[FYI request #4066 email] 
Dear Stuart  
Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 
Re: Daycare at 218-220 Beach Rd Campbells Ba 
I refer to your email, which we received on 27 May 2016, requesting information about 
Daycare at 218-220 Beach Rd Campbells Ba. 
The requested information, including pre application minutes, can be found at the following 
This link includes: 
•  Application forms 
•  Application plans 
•  Assessment of environmental effects 
•  Acoustic report 
•  Arborist report 
•  Certificate of title 
•  Consultation package part 1 
•  Consultation package part 2 
•  Geotechnical report 
•  Heritage report 
•  Infrastructure report 
•  Pre-application minutes 
•  Sale and purchase agreement 
•  Traffic report 
•  Section 37 letter 
•  Section 91 letter 
•  Section 92 response part 1 
•  Section 92 response part 2 
•  Section 92 response part 3 
•  Updated acoustic report 
•  Updated addendum to acoustic report 
•  Updated acoustic fence arborist assessment 
•  Updated plans. 
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The applicant originally requested that this application process as non-notified, then later 
requested that the application be publicly notified due to public interest. As such, no 
notification report was drafted by Council.  
Copies of all submissions relating to this application have also been supplied. Due to the 
size of the attachments, these can be accessed using the below link:!AjHvHAVse8GThAQT5m9UvHg-bFjQ 
Should you believe Auckland Council has not responded appropriately to your  request,  you 
have  the right  by  way  of  complaint,  under  section  27(3)  of  the  LGOIMA,  to  apply  to  the 
Ombudsmen to seek an investigation and review of the decision. 
If you have any further queries please contact me on 09 301 0101 quoting Official 
Information Request No. 9000142822 
Yours sincerely 
Grace Heinemann 
Privacy & LGOIMA Business Partner 
Democracy Services 
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