This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Official Information request 'Hawks Bay SAR Sargent communications on the Wills search.'.

8 June 2016 
Paul Kelly 
Email: [FYI request #3835 email] 
Dear Mr Kelly 
I refer to your email requests dated 3 April 2016 in which you requested – 
Could you please provide me with all emails and other communications to and 
from the Senior Sergeant of the Hawkes  Bay SAR squad in regard to the 
unresolved Wills search? 
The reason I am interested in all aspects of this case is because I have been 
gathering information to help me write a book about how things impinge on 
performance in SAR and what we can learn from this. 
I have considered your request in accordance with the Official Information Act 
I have consulted Senior Sergeant Luke Shadbolt, Hawkes Bay Police, Search 
& Rescue about the requested information. Senior Sergeant Shadbolt advised 
me he completed a search of his email system for the requested information 
and  he  no longer holds any emails or other  communication relating to the 
Wills search. All  his email correspondence has  been  deleted following  an 
Inquest Hearing and a recent upgrade of the Police email system.   
Therefore your request is declined pursuant to section 18(e) the information 
does not exist or cannot be found.    
If you are not satisfied with my response to your request you have the right to 
complain to the Office of the Ombudsmen and seek an investigation and 
review of Police decision. 
Yours sincerely 
Deb Collins 
Eastern District Police  
T 06 873 0500