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16 October 2023  
AS Van Wey 
[FYI request #24366 email] 
Kia ora  
Your Official Information Act request, reference: GOV-028271 
Thank you for your email of 9 October 2023, asking for the following information under the Official 
Information Act 1982 (the Act): 
- the complete list of free independent services. 
- copies of the contracts between ACC and the service organizations who provide free 
advocate services funded by ACC.
- all information, rules, regulations, policies, internal memos, rules, and government 
responses regarding the "free advocate services" that ACC funds, and the function of the 
ACC funded advocates.
Navigation Services  
We interpreted your request as being information about Navigation Services. This can be found on our 
website at 
The Navigation Service was set up to give the public free, independent advice or guidance if they find the 
ACC system difficult to navigate. They can provide advice to clients on how to raise complaints or disputes, 
and provide advice for preparing for a review. They can also attend review hearings as a support person, 
and support the lodgement of reviews. However, they cannot do so in a legal capacity, such as writing 
review submissions and advocating for them at review.  
For a copy of the contract, please refer to our response GOV-027543 from 28 September, which applies to 
all Navigation Service providers.   
All information, rules, regulations, policies, internal memos, rules, and government responses  
Under section 12(2) of the Act, the official information requested shall be specified with due particularity in 
the request. After internal consultation regarding this question, we are unable to provide a response, as it 
is not clear what information is being requested. If you would like to submit a clarified request you can do 
so by emailing us at [email address]. 
However, there is publicly available information about Navigation Services which may interest you:  
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If you have any questions about this response, please get in touch 
You can email me at [email address]. If you are not happy with this response, you can also 
contact the Ombudsman via [email address] or by phoning 0800 802 602. Information 
about how to make a complaint is available at 
Ngā mihi 
Sara Freitag 
Acting Manager Official Information Act Services 
Government Engagement 
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