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john luke made this Official Information request to New Zealand Symphony Orchestra

The request was successful.

From: john luke

Dear New Zealand Symphony Orchestra,

May I request the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra's full board meeting minutes from January 2021 to now.

I would also like to ask the Board to consider publish the full board meeting minutes on your website for transparency reasons, lots of other government entities has moved to that position nowadays.

Yours faithfully,

john luke

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From: john luke

Dear New Zealand Symphony Orchestra,

Can you please kindly confirm you have received my OIA act request?

Yours faithfully,

john luke

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From: Executive Assistant
New Zealand Symphony Orchestra

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Kia ora John


As per your request to the NZSO on 25 February, please find attached the
NZSO Board Minutes from February - August 2021.


These are the minutes which have, to date, been approved by the NZSO Board
and are released to you under the Official Information Act 1982. Given the
sensitivity of several items recorded through the minutes, a small number
of redactions have been made to protect commercial interests, the privacy
of individuals or to protect constitutional conventions around the freedom
of expression of opinion between officials. There are very few redactions
made and only made where we believe they are absolutely necessary. If you
disagree with our decisions, you may wish to contact the Office of the


If there is information we can provide that is of assistance to you,
please don’t hesitate to contact us in future.


With respect to your suggestion that the NZSO publishes Minutes of
Governance meetings, thank you.  We are currently in the process of
updating our website to a more user friendly hub-based-interface which we
intend to provide an opportunity for us to publish more corporate
information for those with an interest in the NZSO.  We hope you will
understand this will take a little time, and comes with significant
expense given the website is now quite old but it is our intention to
provide that opportunity along with a wide range of other information and


Ngâ mihi





Kerry Verberne | Chief Executive’s Office


M: +64 27 301 5930

E: [1][email address]




Level 8, Findex House 

57 Willis St                                 



P: 0800 479 674

W: [2]





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From: NZSO Ticketing
New Zealand Symphony Orchestra

Kia ora John,

I had immediately forwarded your email to our Head of Finance and Executive Assistant.

Wishing you a good day.

Nga mihi,

Graeme Browne
Ticketing and Memberships Assistant/General Enquiries

M: +64 27 577 3799
E: [email address]


Level 8, Findex House 
57 Willis St, Wellington 6011                                  

P: 0800 479 674


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