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Yours sincerely 
Detective Senior Sergeant Greg Dalziel 
High Tech Crime Group 
Police National Headquarters 

Act and that we will carry out, where appropriate, Privacy Impact Assessments 
and Security Risk Assessments. 
16. Legal, privacy and technical experts met on 14 February Section 9(2)(h) 
Information Act 
17. Following this event, the Commissioner of Police has commissioned a targeted
assurance review to better understand the landscape within which New
Zealand Police is engaging with artificial intelligence (AI) and surveillance
technologies including our use of ANPR and facial recognition.
18. The review work will commence by 15 May 2020, led by senior staff in PNHQ’s
Assurance Group. While the bulk of the work will be conducted in-house, it may
be appropriate for some aspects to be peer reviewed by specialist external
advisers (contracted to Police).
19. The review is expected to be completed by 30 June 2020.
National Manager: Criminal Investigations, 
Reviewed by 
Withheld under 
Detective Superintendent Tom Fitzgerald 
Assistant Commissioner: Serious & 
Approved by 
Withheld under 
Organised Crime, Richard Chambers 
Information Request IPR/20/135