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25 September 2020
S Plummer
By email: [FYI request #13619 email]
Tēnā koe S Plummer
INFORMATION REQUEST – Totara Street Information
We write in response to your email dated 31 August 2020 in which you requested the following
This Information request regarding the Totara Street safety improvement projects and
related council activities is made in 5x parts (5x specific information items requested)

Request #1
Request for a copy of the Minutes for the Tauranga City Transport Committee
meeting held approximately February 2018 when this presented Agenda item
document from Tauranga City Council (TCC) staff was received and discussed.

Document: “Totara Street Cycling and Safety Improvements: DC13, Objective ID
No: A8415583, Document date 18th February”

Request #2
Request for a copy of the Minutes for the Tauranga City Transport Committee
meeting held November 2018 when the following took place

“In November 2018, the council’s Transport Committee directed staff not to
proceed with the upgrade. They asked staff to report back with safety options
for the short term while the longer-term changes were considered in more

The public advised here:
Request #3
Please provide a copy of the resulting November 2018 action point "safety
options report" carried out by TCC staff and or any supporting external resource.
Details to include: Report document completion date and date presented to the
Tauranga City Transport Committee ( see also request 4)

Tauranga City Council   Private Bag 12022, Tauranga 3143, New Zealand    +64 7 577 7000      [Tauranga City Council request email]

“staff to report back to the “safety options for the short term while the longer-
term changes were considered in more depth”

Request #4
Request for a copy of the Minutes for the Tauranga City Transport Committee
meeting when the following above took place as the public was advised: ‘staff
to report back to Tauranga City Transport Committee safety options for the short
term while the longer-term changes were considered in more depth’

Request #5
Please provide conformation the following has been actioned, in accordance to
Jun 23, 2020, Categories: General, Transport, Tags: Media release found here:

1.  That the Totara Street cycle lanes official status has been revoked and when
this was actioned
2.  That the adjacent footpath is now officially a “shared bike path “and when
this was actioned

3.  Has nothing has been actioned as at this date 31/08/2020
We have considered your request in accordance with the Local Government Official
Information and Meetings Act 1987 (“LGOIMA”) and respond as follows.
1.  Please see Attachment 1Transport Committee Minutes 12 February 2018
2.  Please see Attachment 2: Transport Committee Minutes 12 November 2018
3.  Please see Attachment 3: DC7 – Transportation Projects Update – January
2019; Attachment 4: DC7 - Appendix A -  Transportation Projects - January
Attachment 5: DC101 - Urban Form and Transport Initiative Update
As per Attachment 4, page 3, the railway crossing safety upgrade would be
completed, and the project deferred until development of the UFTI business case.
4.  Please see Attachment 6: Minutes - Transport - 26 February 2019 (M19_9) - Open
5.  The Project and Services and Operations Committee at its 23 June 2020 meeting
resolved that it recommends that the Council amends the resolutions set out in the
attachments (Attachment 3.1 and 4.3, page 41 and 42 of the Agenda) that are made
under the bylaw Traffic and Parking Bylaw 2012. The agenda and minutes for this
meeting can be found at the following links:
The resolution is being considered at the Council’s meeting on 6 October 2020. In the
meantime, the shared path has been marked and the carriageway road markings refreshed.
This option includes removal of the specific cycleway markings for the existing on-road cycle
lanes (mid block) on Totara Street (between Hewlett’s Road and to north of Dominion Salt).
The edge line and intersection markings will remain to create space for riders who are on the
road, but the cycle symbols will be removed as it is no longer considered a good option for
riders. These markings took place after 31 August 2020.
7 - Response - Plummer, S - LGOIMA - Totara Street Information (A11801041)

You have the right to seek an investigation and review by the Ombudsman of this decision.
Information about how to make a complaint is available at
or freephone 0800 802 602.
We may publish this response on our website as your request may be of interest to others.
All personal information will be removed and only the question and answers will be seen.
If you wish to discuss this decision with us, please feel free to contact the writer.
Yours sincerely
Coral Hair
Democracy Services

7 - Response - Plummer, S - LGOIMA - Totara Street Information (A11801041)